Putting the People of Los Altos Hills First.

I'm Jay Sutaria, and I'm proud to be your candidate for City Council. 

My wife and I chose to live in LAH because of its extraordinary community and incredible beauty. My parents immigrated here with little more than intelligence, willingness to work hard, and dreams for a better life. I hope to pass on to my children the same qualities I observed in them: perseverance, industriousness, respect for education, and the importance of close-knit community.

Following their example, I studied hard, graduated from Harvard, and worked my way up from entry-level engineer to executive. In my career, I've built large teams, managed multi-billion dollar budgets, held leadership roles in both large companies and startups, and confronted challenging issues - all while seeking to build consensus.

These same skills will serve me well as your council member. I currently advise the Town and other regional elected officials on airplane noise, help prepare for disasters as a member of the Emergency Communications Committee, and am a frequent participant in both the Pathways and Parks & Recreation Committees.

I oppose wasteful spending, such as the $3M+ Town Hall Expansion for staff. I am an advocate for improving our infrastructure and emergency preparedness. Both parks and pathways are integral to any community, including ours, and must be preserved. I care deeply about retaining Los Altos Hills’ strong financial position, unique character, and semi-rural environment–the reason why so many of us moved here in the first place. 

If elected, it would be my honor and privilege to put the people of Los Altos Hills first. I pledge to work tirelessly to ensure we have a responsive government which preserves our Town for future generations.